SFL Obtains Dismissal of Third-Party Action in Federal Court

SFL attorneys David M. Levine, Chad Purdie, and Antonia Iragorri prevailed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida obtaining dismissal of a third-party action, in its entirety, in favor of SFL’s client. The action stemmed from an insurance dispute between two insureds and their insurance broker, who sought to hold the broker responsible after the insureds yacht sank in a hurricane and the insurer denied coverage.

SFL moved to dismiss the claims on behalf of its client, the insurance broker, arguing that the third-party complaint should be dismissed because the Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction, as the third-party case was, among other things, not ripe for review.

The District Court agreed with SFL last week in the attached opinion. In dismissing the third party action, the Court rejected the other side’s position as “ignor[ing] a decade’s worth of binding cases from the Supreme Court reinforcing the importance of ripeness in federal jurisdiction” and finding that “a federal court should not exercise subject matter jurisdiction over claims that are not ripe.”

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REDACTED Order on Third Party Defendants Motion to Dismiss