SFL Prevails in Stalking Injunction Litigation

SFL attorneys Alexander Fischer and Antonia Iragorri scored a victory in Palm Beach County Circuit Court last week, when they successfully defended their client in a contentious dispute.  Petitioners sought an injunction from the Court for protection against stalking, alleging repeated harassment, a claim Fischer and Iragorri vehemently disputed.  Following the close of Petitioners’ case in chief, and as a result of targeted cross examination and impeachment, SFL prevailed by demonstrating that the Petitioners had failed to meet their burden of proof as a matter of law.  Specifically, the Court found that SFL’s client did not engage in a repeated course of harassment.  Further, the Court ruled that Petitioners could not overcome the defense raised.

“We are happy to have obtained this result for our client and bring this stressful ordeal to a conclusion.  The fact is that Petitioners were simply unable to meet their burden and we are thankful that the Court agreed with our argument,” commented SFL partner and lead counsel, Alexander Fischer, following the decision.

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