Our Firm

Practice Areas

We are a firm of litigators. We are seasoned trial lawyers with years of experience working as government attorneys and private practitioners. We are diverse, from different cultural backgrounds, varied educational paths, and armed with distinct life experiences. We are a team. Our clients don’t hire a lawyer, they hire a team of lawyers and support staff, all working together to provide first-rate legal representation.


We represent small, mid-sized, and large businesses. We represent local governments, municipalities, and associations. We represent foreign entities doing business in the United States. We represent professional athletes. And, we represent individuals. Our clients come from every corner of the world and speak many languages. Some are U.S. citizens and domestic corporations, and some are not. Many are familiar with our judicial system, yet others are accustomed to different systems of law that may not be as adversarial. Nonetheless, we ensure that we educate our clients on the process and keep them up to speed on the progress of their legal matter. We strive to keep our clients connected to their case so that they may make informed, calculated decisions about strategy and potential resolutions.


We are at our best in the courtroom. We are specially trained for legal confrontation and adversarial proceedings, including motion practice, evidentiary hearings, and trial. However, drawn-out litigation is not always in our clients’ best interest. Other factors inevitably come into play, such as an impact on business, time commitments, financial restrictions, or family dynamics. We understand this, and our experience has taught us when it is best not to litigate. Therefore, our mission is to provide efficient and effective litigation. In some cases, that may result in a measured, strategic resolution to a case, while in others, it may mean a full-scale legal assault. In either event, we are ready.