SFL Post-Judgment Victory Affirmed by Third DCA

SFL attorneys Alexander Fischer, Chad Purdie, and David M. Levine were affirmed by the Third District Court of Appeal last week in a heavily litigated Proceedings Supplementary. The matter stems from fraudulent transfers to an offshore trust effectuated by the judgment debtors after having a $1.25 million judgment entered against them in the underlying Miami-Dade County Circuit Court case.  SFL obtained an Order of Contempt against the judgment debtors for failure to comply with a Proceedings Supplementary final order entered in favor of SFL’s client.

The judgment debtors appealed the Order, primarily arguing procedural deficiencies and impossibility to comply with the Order. However, the Third District affirmed the trial court’s decision and the Order of Contempt was upheld against the judgment debtors, securing an important victory for SFL’s client. SFL’s post-judgment and appellate practitioners frequently represent clients in a wide-range of domestic and international matters.  For more information about SFL, and its attorneys, please visit us online at www.sfl-law.com, or follow us on social media. #SFLCaseAlerts

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